Neat Ideas Vac Pro Vacuum Cleaner Blue

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Neat Ideas Vac Pro Vacuum Cleaner Blue

Neat Ideas Vac Pro Vacuum Cleaner Blue

Neat Ideas Vac Pro Vacuum Cleaner Blue

  • Style Name: Vac Pro
  • Design: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Large Extractor Pad
  • Extension Wand Attachment
  • Vacuum Attachment

Small gadget for big jobs. By Neat Ideas Vac Vacuum Cleaner Extension Wall Attachment. Easily picks up Pet hair from carpets and soft furnishes. Extractor Pad Captures Ingrained Hair and Dirt. Removes Hair, Dust and Lint from sofas, Soft Furnishings, Rugs and Carpets. Comes in full box with instructions.


Condition: Brand New.
Brand: Neat Ideas.
Style Name: Vac Pro.
Design: Vacuum Cleaner.
Material: Plastic.
Size: One Size.
Package Include: Vacuum Cleaner Attachment and Adapter.
Feature1: Vacuum Attachment.
Feature2: Extension Wand Attachment.
Feature3: * Does not work with Dyson Vacuums.
Feature4: Large Extractor Pad.
Feature5: Special Offer.

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