Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics

Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics

Vacuum Tube Amplifier Basics

Although it is true that accurately calculating electronic circuits can involve complicated formulas, for the electronic hobbyist it is not necessary to perform at the level of an electrical engineer. With some basic knowledge it is possible for the hobbyist to design and build vacuum tube audio amplifiers that perform well.

This book covers electronics related to vacuum tube amplifiers, an elementary guide for understanding and working with vacuum tube amplifier circuits. Sections cover electronic and audio information that are concise with many examples and illustrations. Vacuum tube amplifying circuits are explained in simple terms without complicated math. Math is primarily basic math and a few simple formulas all solvable with a standard calculator and presented with examples. A table of component values for the popular 12AX7 in various operating parameters simplifies amplifier stage design. The first section of the book contains more detailed technical basic electronic information. Sections two through four are more casual in presentation and include pertinent information from section one.

The author has over 50 years of practical hands-on vacuum tube amplifier experience repairing and building custom audio gear including studio and recording equipment, professionally worked in radio broadcast engineering for 40 years.

Included in this book are eight project circuits with parts list and component layouts for a Buffer Line Amplifier with 25db gain, 6V6SE Monoblock Amplifier, Triode Balanced/Unbalanced Input, Tone Control Stage, Cathode Follower Output, and Turntable Pre-Amplifier. Also included are a 6V6SE Stereo Amplifier and Guitar Amplifier project circuits with component layouts.

This third edition of the book addresses feedback given on the previous two editions. A fourth edition available through Amazon is a printed book version allows easy reference between sections of the book and clearer display of circuit drawings.

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    Great book – great value, 6 Dec. 2014
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    I’ve got several books on valve amplifiers and valve electronics in general. I was looking for a more ‘hands-on’ book which would give me more pointers on practical valve amp construction and refurbishing. I’ve done a fair bit of work with modern chip-amps and 70’s/80’s transistor amps but want to start working (safely) with tube amps. Having looked at the samples online and downloaded a kindle sample I decided to give ‘Valve Tube Amplifier Basics’ a try, so i bought the paperback version.

    The format is listed as ‘paperback’ but if you look at the dimensions you’ll see that its a large-format paperback around A4 size with very clear text, black-and-white drawing and photographs. The only colour is the front cover. I’m very pleased with the size and format and the clarity of the content, although to be fair it does have a slight self-published ‘photocopier’ feel about it which i find enjoyably retro old-school.

    If I was an expert in valve amplifiers (which I’m not) and wanted to pass on my knowledge to a wider audience then this is the book I would write. The diagrams and text are clear and work well together and are pitched at just the right level for the beginner/intermediate. Its also very practical, favouring hands-on advice and construction information rather than theory. Armed with this book and some solid guidelines on electrical safety I now feel confident to have a go at my own valve amp projects.

    This is also great value. I’m not in a position to compare content with the other texts on valve amps (apart from ‘Vacuum Tube Audio’ by Whitaker – which I own and would recommend), but similar books covering the same ground are £10-£20 more expensive.


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